Did you remember the day we met for the first time?
It’s still in front of my eyes

Your smile behind the scarf
Anxiety in your footsteps
As you walked towards me

The bus journey on a bumpy road
Crackling noise of windows
Which interrupted our conversations

The laughs we had
Cadbury bites we shared
Sitting next to each other with an inch gap

Every moment and every second
Is still in front of my eyes!

The blush on your red cheeks
When you hid your face to read my first letter
And the way you looked at me after reading…

When I was a kid I used to think over and over about a crazy thought.
Why do we exist? Why were we born?
Why do we go through the pain and join in life?
Just to die someday?

Is someone controlling this entire universe?
Maybe someone is watching us from outside the universe
Like how we watch microorganisms through a microscope
Is it the God who watches us continuously?

What if there are no humans on this planet?
Not just humans, any form of life
A place there are no planets, stars and sun
A place where this entire universe is just…

It isn’t music,
Without a pause in between notes

It isn’t a day,
Without sunlight and dark night

It isn’t love at all,
Without joy and pain

Love without pain is imperfect.
Don’t be a wimp, My Love!

I Became alive when you stepped in my frontage
Opened the doors for you to wander in my heart

As you walked in,
All shades of grey turned into the colours of a rainbow
Your authentic smile,
Lightened the dark walls of my soul

Whispered a cool breeze through windows
And played a melody with striking chimes
To comfort you and feel safe

How would I know there will be a day,
To stand alone and watch you walk out of my doors
Just to remind me I’m a place meant to visit but not to live.


Hold back you little heart
Your wounds are still fresh
I can’t let you down again

I know, brainy
But I can’t hide anymore
Let me fly

This world is cruel my poor guy
You can’t face another storm

I failed many times
I became stronger every time I hit the ground
I have the courage to face it again!
Besides, what’s the purpose if I can’t face it?

Bravo! Fly high my champ.
I am by your side to rescue, as always.

They haven’t rejected the girl I love.
They rejected my emotions, feelings,
And my right to choose the one I love.

I’m conscious and my senses are perfect
I’m a responsible man, not a teenager

I understand their concerns,
But all they care is about society.
They barely know about her,
But what matters to them is her caste.

You know what, it’s just the mask
To hide their intentions.

It’s the ego and insecurities of the puppet master; Racist Parents.
But in the end, we blame the puppet; Caste.

Why is my heart fluttering like this?
I never felt this pain in my heart before
Feels like my heart is drowning into a void

Am I floating in the air?
Or am I high on dopamine?
Why am I feeling butterflies around me?

Hm, I don’t know what it is
But let me enjoy this
With a bright smile on my lips
Like a stupid, while I wait for her reply

It’s just her in my mind,
In my thoughts, in my heart and in my breath.
I even lost a space for myself in my mind.

Oh, Is this how it feels to fall in love?

I saw a beauty
When I was wandering

A charmer
Who fluttered my heart and stumbled my words

An enchantress
Who ceased my feet and pleased my eyes

In a flickering moment,
She went with the flow

Like the places, I travel
I was there for a while but not forever

You were a breeze,
Which gave me a relief,
From my grief.

We were at that feast,
It was a bliss.
I enjoyed your wrist,
Around my sleeve.

I was close to you; I meant
But when you were close to him; I regret

Your care for him,
Was a pain for me.
A secret pain that burnt my eyes
Blurred my sight.

I know how possessive you are,
So I never let anyone come close to me.

I know how quiet you are,
So I never let anyone disturb you.

I know how dark you are
I know how cold you are
Still, I accepted the way you are.

I realised how heavy you are,
When you took over my heart.
Still, I never let you apart.

I shut my eyes when you spread the darkness
You gave me peace and left my eyes wet

Why are you doing this to me loneliness?

Bharat Bondu

Product Designer. I write about design, my experiences & emotions.

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