When I was a kid I used to think over and over about a crazy thought.
Why do we exist? Why were we born?
Why do we go through the pain and join in life?
Just to die someday?

Is someone controlling this entire universe?
Maybe someone is watching us from outside the universe
Like how we watch microorganisms through a microscope
Is it the God who watches us continuously?

What if there are no humans on this planet?
Not just humans, any form of life
A place there are no planets, stars and sun
A place where this entire universe is just dark and void
A place where mighty God doesn’t exist

What would it be like?
Am I the only one who thinks like this?
Have you ever thought about the same?

Okay, I think about such things when I’m unable to sleep
Now I have to conquer this world.
Don’t you have any work to do?

Good. Let’s get back to work!

Product Designer. I write about design, my experiences & emotions.

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